Dance Out Diabetes



We cannot emphasis enough the health benefits of dancing. Dancing is an excellent form of exercise because it not only burns calories and builds muscles, but it also contributes to our overall health.  Dancing is great, and if you’re not dancing yet, now may be the perfect time to start.

Dance Out Diabetes is a dancing event in San Francisco whose mission is to prevent and manage diabetes through dance, education, support and increased access to care. Dance Out Diabetes is a fun dance community made up of all ages, abilities, people with and without diabetes, friends, families, volunteers, and certified diabetes educators. Regular dance programs include ongoing health screenings, a 45-minute dance lesson, and different genres of music. Participants have an opportunity to socialize with peers facing similar challenges in a relaxed and informal setting.

The next upcoming event is August 9th, 2014, at The African American Art & Culture Complex at 762 Fulton Street, SF, CA 94102.

 For more information please click here.

Janella Parucha, Social Media Volunteer 


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Break the Cycle of Violence & Support W.O.M.A.N., Inc. This Summer


At W.O.M.A.N., Inc., we strive not only to empower domestic violence survivors but also to break the cycle of violence that occurs from generation to generation.

During the past month of June, people all over the world celebrated Children’s Day. This day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues that affect our children and youth, and domestic violence is one of the biggest causes of harm to children worldwide. According to Futures Without Violence’s “Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence” fact sheet, about 19.4 million children in the U.S. may be exposed to family violence in their lifetimes. The emotional and psychological trauma of witnessing violence is similar to that of direct abuse. This summer, we kindly ask you to support the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. services that work towards supporting families affected by domestic violence.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s Children’s Group offers support to children of survivors while their survivor parent is simultaneously attending W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s Peer Support Groups. The children are provided with a safe and supportive environment where they can process their own experiences around violence and practice healthy and respectful relationships with other children. W.O.M.A.N., Inc. works with these children in a non-judgmental manner while also seeking to foster high self-esteem in youngsters who haven’t had many chances to develop this quality in their lives. By holding the Children’s Group concurrently with the Peer Support Groups, we also make access to our services more convenient to survivors.

During our Children’s Group, Marriage Family Therapy Interns and volunteers facilitate art projects as a tool that is both fun and helps youth in their process of healing. In 2012, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. won the Ellen Magnin Newman award for incorporating art into our Children’s and Peer Support Groups.

Help us continue to provide these essential services to survivors and their children by becoming a monthly donor today. These lifesaving programs could not occur if it wasn’t for the passionate support of donors and activists just like you. It is caring people like you who enable us to carry out the work we do to end domestic violence in our communities.

Thank you for everything you do to support domestic violence survivors!


Jill Zawisza
W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Executive Director

The illustration depicts art created by our Children’s Group participants.

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Powerful Partnerships Conference Follow-Up

Powerful Partnerships logoOn April 24th and 25th, The Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence co-hosted a national conference to honor the power of partnerships in ending domestic violence.

The conference celebrated and coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Delaware, the 20th anniversary of the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. The conference included a variety of workshops including topics related to engaging men and boys, leadership development, legal system response, strengthening the movement and wellness and self-care.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. was fortunate enough to be asked to present on the Domestic Violence Information and Referral Center (DVIRC). The DVIRC is an online database of close to 1,000 resources for domestic violence survivors and offers ways in which domestic violence service providers can continue to stay connected through online forums, a shared library and community calendar. During the session, Community Liaison Manager Mariya Taher and Program Assistant Tania Parks shared a bit about the history of the project, briefly toured participants through the features of the site, and shared some of the challenges our agency has encountered throughout the course of the project.

The session had a good response from participants and we are already in contact with agency representatives in that region of the country to offer support while they create a similar resource platform.

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Board Spotlight: Kathy Jeffery

Kathy Jeffries1) What is your name?

Kathy Jeffery

2) How did you come to be involved with W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?

I work with Caresse Santin, who has been a crisis volunteer with W.O.M.A.N., Inc. for the last ten years. A few years ago I moved to San Francisco from Chicago. Caresse introduced me to the organization and its great cause when I was looking to donate some household items left over from my move. Every year I lead a vision board event and I would ask participants to donate toiletry items/bus passes for a woman’s organization as a give back for attending the event. The last two Vision Board events I gave the donations to W.O.M.A.N., Inc. This year Lija (WI’s Board President. Check out her Board Spotlight here) reached out to me to see if I was interested in being on the Board.

3) Can you tell us about your professional background?

I currently head-up Human Resources for a technology company called Sportvision that is located in Mountain View. I have 18 years’ experience in Human Resources and Co-Active Coaching. I consider myself a HR generalist and would say that my expertise is in change and talent management; which includes recruitment, employee career development, learning & development, corporate culture alignment, mergers & acquisitions, and employee communication. My experience includes working for domestic and global industries including technology, marketing/advertising, digital media, and non-profit organizations.  

In my spare time as a Co-Active Coach I help individuals define where they want to go in their life, need clarification of goals they want to achieve, or professional coaching in their career life. 

4) As a Board Member, what skills will you be able to bring to W.O.M.A.N., Inc.

I hope to be able to use my human resources, career counseling services, and marketing skills to help W.O.M.A.N., Inc. reach its objectives.  I’ve worked on past Boards where I helped recruit key agency positions, participated in strategy sessions, reviewed policies, and spearheaded their annual fundraising and marketing campaigns. In addition, I always enjoy volunteering one-on-one for women and children causes. In the past, I helped provide career counseling and interview skills training to women. I led vision board events to encourage women to dream and manifest positivity in their lives. I regularly read and entertained children with lifelong illnesses at a Children’s Hospital. 

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W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and our Volunteers and Board all Recognized by the Volunteer Center

We’re pleased to announce that W.O.M.A.N., Inc. was a 2014 Volunteer Choice Award Final Five Nominee!

We also had several nominees and an award winner in the categories listed below:

Winner of the Nonprofit Board Leader Award,  Lija McHugh, our very own Board President.  This award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding nonprofit board member in the Bay Area.

We also had several people nominated for the Community Spirit Award.  This award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding individual volunteer serving a nonprofit organization located in the Bay Area.

- Nominees from W.O.M.A.N., Inc.: Gina Li, Annie Fisher, Jaymie Frazier, Julia Glosemeyer, Amelie Booska, Susan Pearman, Claire Pierce Moreira, Caresse Santin

The Volunteer Center celebrates outstanding volunteers, nonprofits and businesses at a signature event highlighting volunteerism: Hats Off: A Celebration of Volunteer Heroes!


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Volunteer Spotlight: Janella Parucha


1) When did you first get involved with W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?

I believe I started volunteering for W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in October of 2013.

2) What inspired you to do anti-violence work?

I used to work for the San Francisco Health Department as a Research Assistant. I would administer HIV tests and provide HIV counseling. Many of the people I worked with have experienced domestic violence. It always struck me how resilient survivors of domestic violence are, especially when they are part of a supportive community. So I sought out opportunities that would allow me to provide support to survivors. I initially wanted to volunteer as a peer counselor because I have always been naturally drawn to helping people in that way.

3) What kind of opportunities have you been involved with here?

I originally started out wanting to be a peer counselor. But due to time constraints, I was not able to attend the trainings. So I was referred to Mariya because they needed more volunteers to join the Social Media team. I have been part of the Social Media team for a little over 6 months now.

4) How has your involvement impacted your life?

I never viewed social media as a tool for mental health. So being a Social Media intern has really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that social media can provide. We are living in a world of technology, were information can be spread in the blink of an eye. Social Media can be used as a tool for social justice, to advocate for survivors, and to promote W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s message to the world. I see social media in different light and am grateful for the opportunity to promote W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s amazing services.

5) What pieces of wisdom would you share with new volunteers or community members who are interested in supporting W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?

I think it’s always important to be conscious of your body and how you are feeling. If you are feeling emotionally and physically burnt out, it’s time to take a break. In fact, don’t wait don’t wait till you’re burnt out to take some “me time”.  Get in the habit of taking a few minutes of “me time” a day. We deserve it. 

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Unleash Your Love at our 2nd Annual Community Dog Walk

DoggieWalkUnderstanding the connection between domestic violence and pet abuse, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. has created a Pet Fund for survivors who need monetary support for their pets, including vet costs, pet food and kennel stays.

2nd Annual Doggie Walk in honor of Claire Pierce Moreira
Saturday, July 19, 12:00 noon
Duboce Park, San Francisco

We are walking in honor of Claire Pierce Moreira, a dedicated volunteer and dog lover who helped W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in many ways. Between 2011 and 2013, Claire donated 347 hours of her time to W.O.M.A.N., Inc., most on our survivor support line. When she passed away last year, her husband donated $1000 in her name to our agency to start a Pet Fund for survivors. This fund will help survivors pay for away-hotels, veterinary costs, and pet food when they are attempting to leave an abusive situation.

The intention behind the Doggie Walk is to show how survivors who have animals often have to endure abuse of their pets as well. It is common for animals to protect survivors from abuse. Sometimes animals try to intervene during violent episodes, putting them at great risk for being harmed, either directly or indirectly. This fund would help survivors ensure their pets are taken care of during times of difficulty.

Like our Doggie Walk Facebook page, and watch our Doggie Walk video on YouTube.

HOW TO DONATE TO W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s Pet Fund:

1) If you would like to donate to our Pet Fund, you can donate online here (make sure to note “Pet Fund” in the field for special purpose for your donation).

2) If you would like to donate with cash or check, you can bring it to the Doggie Walk, or mail it to us. Checks can be made out to W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and mailed to 333 Valencia Street, Suite 450, San Francisco, CA 94103. Make sure to note “Pet Fund” in the memo of your check.

So mark your calendars and stop by Duboce Park with your pooch on Saturday, July 19 at noon. See you there!

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