W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie, Gabby, Jaimie

Stephanie_Volunteer_pic_1*Stephanie Colorado

Stephanie has been volunteering with W.O.M.A.N., Inc. since July 2012. She actively supports the Crisis Line, the Latina Program, and drop-in support hours. We appreciate how positive and reliable Stephanie is! She’s always eager to help out, take on new responsibilities, and to help other volunteers out. She also volunteers with SF Women Against Rape, making her an extra fierce advocate for survivors of violence. We’re so grateful she is part of our team!

 *Gabby OlufsonGabby_Volunteer

Gabby started volunteering with us in September 2012 through a college internship. She didn’t waste any time, jumping in to help wherever needed. Gabby has helped to keep our office organized through lots of transition, supported our efforts towards paperless database systems, assisted in prepping for our 40-hour training, and has generally been such a pleasure to work with. Having completed the 40-hour training recently, she is trying out the Crisis Line and Children’s Program before heading back to school. We so appreciate all she done this semester!

 Jaymie_Volunteer*Jaymie Frazier

Jaymie joined W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in October 2011, and has shown a great commitment to the organization and this field ever since. Jaymie helps to coordinate our Outreach efforts, works with the Children’s Program and recently started volunteering on the Crisis Line. We love how enthusiastic Jaymie is to try on different roles in the agency, and her dedication to supporting staff and other volunteers. She is such a valued member of our community!

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