Echando Pa’lante Celebrates the New Year

Picture 014

Recently W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s survivor empowerment group Echando Pa’lante celebrated the beginning of 2013 with a dinner and a party. Through an art activity, we shared our projects, goals, and hopes for the new year. The artwork that you see above was created by a community member who recently applied for a U visa (a visa given to immigrants who are survivors of crimes). She is expected to get it in the next six months. The art piece also expressed her hope to go to Mexico for the holidays (hence the Christmas tree on the left). She hopes to bring her kids to the US and get her own home here (see picture on the right).

The main objective of the Echando Pa’lante meeting was to connect with old and new friends, share resources and information, and plan our 2013 meetings. Throughout the year we invite presenters from different community agencies to offer training to Echando Pa’lante members, therefore at the beginning of each year we draft a list of most relevant topics. This year’s trainings and workshops will focus on parenting, self-esteem and self-care, women’s health, public speaking, and developing a strong resume and work interview skills. During the celebration we also honored the new Echando Pa’lante members who graduated from the Latina Program in 2012. Congratulations compañeras!


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