Join W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in supporting the NO MORE Campaign


W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is going to participate in a nationwide campaign called NO MORE, which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. Started in 2012 by advocates from across the United States, NO MORE invites everyone to share in the effort to erase stigma and break the silence surrounding the crimes.

“No More” is a fitting name for an anti-Domestic Violence campaign, because it implies a certain continuity. It points to the awareness that rather than a single abusive act, domestic violence is far more often a series of attacks that may drag on for years and get more severe over time. Moreover, domestic violence patterns are oftentimes carried on from generation to generation, creating a cycle of abuse. The “No More” slogan also refers to the culture-at-large, which allows the attacks to happen as survivors feel too ashamed to speak out or blame themselves for the violence.

Besides that, “No” is a part of the word “know”–as the website says, “because it’s someone you know.” That is not just a figure of speech. As 1 in 4 women in the United States are affected by domestic violence, and 1 in 5 men suffer sexual victimization in their lifetimes, the probability that we all know someone who has, is, or will be experiencing a violent relationship is all too real.

The NO MORE campaign also gives the anti-Domestic Violence movement a symbol–a turquoise circle with a white circle inside of it (the “o” in “no”). Organizers hope that it will get as universally popular as “the peace sign, the “support our troops” ribbon or the AIDS ribbon.” According to Rhode Island Coalition of Domestic Violence executive director Deborah DeBare, “In 10 years, the color turquoise will be identified with domestic violence awareness the way pink is with breast cancer.”

Another aspect of the NO MORE effort is the platform it provides for those who want to speak out about domestic violence–survivors, supporters, activists, and others. Its photo gallery features dozens of images and quotes. Any individual or organization concerned with the domestic violence problem can send in their photos and answers to the question: “Why do you say NO MORE”? You can also help the campaign by requesting the toolkit with the NO MORE logo, flyers, and posters, sharing info on social networks, or purchasing products from the webstore.

Visit the NO MORE website and support its efforts to educate the public about domestic and sexual abuse!

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