Peace at Home Campaign Takes Over San Francisco


Have you seen these signs around San Francisco? They are part of San Francisco’s “Peace at Home” campaign. It is a year-long public awareness campaign geared towards raising awareness of domestic violence and heightening the public’s knowledge about services for DV survivors. The campaign began in January with a press conference in which anti-domestic violence advocates unfurled a flag and artwork with images, words, and symbols from the 24 anti-domestic violence agencies funded by the City. The campaign now continues through ads in English, Spanish, and Chinese on high-traffic MUNI and walking routes throughout San Francisco. The ads feature a diverse array of survivors and a message that reads “Domestic Violence is a crime, and no one deserves to be abused. You have options. San Francisco Responds 24 Hours A Day.” Printed cards bearing the artwork and hotline numbers in multiple languages will be distributed to schools, libraries, and recreation centers as well.

If you spot one of these signs around San Francisco with WOMAN Inc’s 24-hr domestic violence crisis line number on it, snap a picture and send it to


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