Domestic Violence Census Shows Dire Need for Services and Volunteers

Last September, all of the local domestic violence programs (99 programs to be exact) in California participated in the National Census of Domestic Violence Services.

Here is what they found for the state of California:

A total of 5,258 survivors were aided in one day.

2,975 domestic violence survivors found refuge in either emergency shelters or in transitional housing provided by local domestic violence programs. In addition, these survivors were provided with a variety of other services.

2,283 adults and children received services which included counseling, legal advocacy, and children’s support groups.

1,374 hotline calls were answered. These calls aided survivors in danger, provided support, information, safety planning and resources.

1,171 individuals were educated in prevention and education trainings across California.

1,170 requests for services were unmet which included emergency shelter, housing, transportation, childcare, and legal representation. These services could not be provided because many programs did not have the resources to offer them.

The top 5 most unmet requests were:

  1. Emergency Shelter (65%)
  2. Counseling
  3. Attorney/Legal Representation
  4. Transitional Housing
  5. Legal Advocacy/Accompaniment

The top 5 legal requests from survivors are:

  1. Child Custody (91%)
  2. Protection Orders (83%)
  3. Divorce (74%)
  4. Immigration (71%)
  5. Child Support (68%)

Here is a breakdown of the services provided by local programs on Sept. 12, 2012:

  1. Emergency Shelter (including hotels/safe houses)- 85%
  2. Court/Legal Accompaniment/Advocacy- 49%
  3. Bilingual Advocacy (by bilingual advocate)- 65%
  4. Advocacy Related to Housing Office/Landlord- 21%
  5. Advocacy Related to Public Benefits/TANF/Welfare- 49%
  6. Advocacy Related to Child Welfare/Protective Services- 35%
  7. Support/Advocacy to Teen Victims of Dating Violence- 19%
  8. Translation/Interpretation Services (translator)- 21%

These statistics show that the services, such as the ones provided by W.O.M.A.N., Inc., are necessary and vital towards the fight to end domestic violence so that families can live a life of peace and happiness. Yet, these statistics also show that the demand for services far exceeds the resources that are available. You can help make a difference.

Volunteer or donate to W.O.M.A.N., Inc. today!


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