Clothing Swap Fundraiser for W.O.M.A.N., Inc.!

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Shopping is used by many as a stress reliever…that is until we see the price tags! Is there a way then to raise money while shopping? Why yes! With a Clothing Swap Fundraiser of course!

clothing swap1

clothing swap 2

WOMAN Inc Events Committee volunteers Julia Glosemeyer, Gina Li, and Chanel Garcia. The event was held at Chanel Garcia’s place.

Taking a cue from a past event, W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s Events Committee held a “Clothing Swap” on April 28th, where attendees brought in their clothes to “swap” with one another. For a small entrance fee of $10, everyone scouted out through vast piles of clothes for the “perfect” styles. Everyone was also treated to snacks of cheese, crackers, kettle corn, and red velvet cookies. Such a laid-back and fun get-together helped to raise funds to sustain services for domestic violence survivors. The clothes that were not taken were donated to Community Thrift, and the proceeds from their sale will go to W.O.M.A.N., Inc.

Guest Rachel Grant with her book "Beyond Surviving" for survivors of sexual abuse

Guest Rachel Grant with her book “Beyond Surviving” for survivors of sexual abuse

clothing swap 4

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As a domestic violence agency, we understand the great importance of having outlets for stress for both our clients and ourselves. Oftentimes, survivors of domestic violence feel like they do not have any outlets from the abuse since they have been silenced for so long. At W.O.M.A.N., Inc., we explore all possible options/outlets with them and reassure survivors that they can always call us if they ever they need anything. Most importantly, we try to restore the survivors’ sense of self and help them see their own strength. Survivors of domestic violence are unbelievably strong, yet are made to feel weak. It takes an extraordinarily strong person to go through such a traumatic experience as an abusive relationship and survive it!

~ Text & images by Gina Li


One thought on “Clothing Swap Fundraiser for W.O.M.A.N., Inc.!

  1. Great Job Ladies!
    Please know that you have my prayers and support…
    Give Hugs Not Hits is starting their Garment Swap
    next weekend…
    May 3rd, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida 32256
    We are on GoFundMe…Helping women support each other…
    There is a group supporting from our local medical center…
    Counseling for the men is available as well..We have to heal
    at the starting point!
    Many thanks for your support of the awesome women and
    children in your community…

    Jamila Salih, Direct Contact

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