Pop-Up Concerts for W.O.M.A.N., Inc.!


The “pop-up” format for events and venues has been increasing in popularity as of late.  New pop-up stores, eateries, clubs, and art galleries appear in big cities of the U.S. all the time. It is no wonder that nonprofit organizations are latching on to this concept as an innovative avenue for fundraising. This summer, more than 5o businesses and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area are going to throw pop-up concerts that will benefit five Californian nonprofits, among them W.O.M.A.N., Inc.!

This project, called Pop-up Concerts for a Cause, is a collaboration between Hear It Local, Party Corps, Local Music Vibe, and The Bay Area Music Collective. Here is how it works: you select the organization(s) your party will benefit, choose a musician or group from the Concerts for a Cause database, decide on the date, and invite your friends and acquaintances to the show. Pop-up Concerts for a Cause will help with the logistics. You will set a fundraising goal (typically from $200 to $2,000) and a minimum donation amount per attendee (usually $5-50). The attendees will donate online. The artist fee is $100–you can choose to pay it yourself or deduct it from the proceeds. As for the concert venue, it can be anywhere, from your office to your living room.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is going to host a Pop-up Concert this summer as well. Keep an eye on this blog, as the details are going to be posted here.

Interested in organizing an event? Please check out Pop-up Concerts for a Cause’s website. Also, read an article about the project here.


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