Pop-Up Concerts Support W.O.M.A.N., Inc.

This summer, more than 50 businesses and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area are going to throw pop-up concerts that will benefit five Californian nonprofits, among them W.O.M.A.N., Inc.! This project, called Pop-up Concerts for a Cause, is a collaboration between Hear It Local, Party Corps, Local Music Vibe, and The Bay Area Music Collective.

Here is how it works: you select the organization(s) your party will benefit, choose a musician or group from the Concerts for a Cause database, decide on the date, and invite your friends and acquaintances to the show. Pop-up Concerts for a Cause will help with the logistics. You will set a fundraising goal (typically from $200 to $2,000) and a minimum donation amount per attendee (usually $5-50). The attendees will donate online. The artist fee is $100–you can choose to pay it yourself or deduct it from the proceeds. As for the concert venue, it can be anywhere, from your office to your living room.

Already, 20 or so pop-up concerts have occurred all over the city. On Friday, June 21st, dozens of musicians participated in “Pop-up The Parklets,” an all-day festival that brought live music performances to San Francisco’s parklets (i.e. recreational spaces in front of shops and cafes). All of the free, open-air concerts raised money for local charities, including our agency.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. also wants to thank Michael Starita, Chris James, and Tam Starita for organizing a Popups4causes event supporting our agency at Casa De Fonkey Donkey on Saturday, July 6th! Their event featured a live performance by Chris James and The Showdowns!

We are so grateful to be included in this wonderful fundraising series that brings music and people together to support local non-profits. If you are interested in organizing an event, please click here on Pop-up Concerts for a Cause.

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