La Red Latina’s III Annual Conference Against Domestic and Gender Violence

RedLatinaVerticalSince 2011, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. has been an active member of La Red Latina, a coalition of local non-profits dedicated to ending domestic and gender violence in the Latino communities. La Red Latina’s objectives are what we call ‘the three C’s”:

  • Collaboration: we want to create a space that facilitates direct communication and team work among agencies.
  • Capacitation: all members are to become educational agents for other agencies and the Latino communities on topics relevant to the prevention of domestic and gender violence, sharing not only expertise but also available resources and connections.
  • Conscientization (or critical consciousness, concept developed by Paulo Freire): we also want to increase the visibility and awareness in order to strengthen the work each agency carries out in the field. In this way, we hope to spark more critical dialogues around domestic and gender violence, and unite our Latino communities on the path of ending violence. 

This October 19th, La Red Latina will host the III Annual Conference against Domestic and Gender Violence at Skyline High School in Oakland. We will offer 2 blocks of at least 7 workshops each, with topics ranging from legal advice to healing though dancing, and child sexual assault prevention.

Participants will also be able to attend a panel with representatives of different areas such as the Media, academia, and community leaders, discussing the topic of domestic and gender violence and ways in which our Latino communities can organize and change the way we think about interpersonal relationships, gender roles, and how to become leaders. Because the conference targets the Latino communities, all the workshops and the panel will be offered in Spanish.

In previous years, we welcomed over 400 people, between participants, agency representatives, and volunteers, and this year we are hoping to create an even more successful event. The conference is free and open to the community. There will be a free breakfast and lunch and educational activities for children all ages.

If you are interested in receiving more information to register as a participant and/or a volunteer, please contact Paola Souto, our Latina Program Manager at, or check out La Red Latina’s Facebook page.


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