City Hall is ‘Shining a Light’ on Domestic Violence

We happen to think that City Hall was looking particularly stunning earlier this month.  Purple has always been our favorite color, and it was extremely exciting to see city hall lit up in purple.  Mayor Lee and the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium joined together last Monday evening to kick off the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month by lighting up city hall in the signature color purple.

City Hall Purple

This is the first time in the city’s history that City Hall has been lit up for domestic violence.  We think it shows that we’re all starting to turn the tide and raise the awareness that’s really necessary to combat domestic violence.  We’re also celebrating a milestone of 40 months without a known domestic violence death.  That’s exciting progress, but we don’t want to stop there.  We want to continue until everyone can feel safe and secure in their relationships.

Mayor Lee agrees and is quoted as saying “We have to shine light on it. We have to make sure people don’t keep it underneath out of secrecy or more importantly, fear.”  We couldn’t agree with you more mayor.  Here’s to hoping that the light on City Hall raises awareness for that one person that needed it most.


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