The Domestic Violence Resource Fair

ImageOn October 19, 2013, our partner agency the Riley Center held a Domestic Violence Resource Fair for Family & Children Services of the Human Services Agency. The Fair was held at Born Auditorium and activities included a panel presentation, a questions and answers session, and an opportunity for Domestic Violence agencies throughout San Francisco to table at the event and provide information to those who attended. The panel presentation consisted of Domestic Violence specialists who discussed how the agencies make referrals for services to their clients and how in general the shelter referral process operates. During the tabling portion of the fair, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. volunteer Jessica Hoh was available to answer questions to all those who inquired about our agency’s services. Here’s what Jessica had to say about the event.

“The Domestic Violence Resource Fair had a host of sister organizations including AWS, the Riley Center, and other legal and medical resources. We had a great turn out, mostly CPS workers and representatives from San Francisco State University’s “Feminism in Action” club. The fair lasted a few hours and I was able to inform a lot of folks about WI, who we are, and what services we provide for the community. I had a great time representing W.O.M.A.N., Inc.!” ~ Jessica

Thanks to the Riley Center for putting together this amazing opportunity for domestic violence professionals to connect and work together to strengthen the field and better serve domestic violence survivors.

One thought on “The Domestic Violence Resource Fair

  1. Hi Yonas,
    What kind of material are you looking for? You are welcome to contact our offices at 415-864-4777 to speak with a staff member there who may be able to assist you.

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