Building Futures with Women and Children Joins the Domestic Violence Information and Refferal Center Project

bfwcW.O.M.A.N., Inc. staff members Mariya Taher and Tania Parks recently traveled to San Leandro to hold a training on the Domestic Violence Information and Referral Center (DVIRC) for agency staff at Building Futures with Women and Children (BFWC). This domestic violence shelter and family violence resource center is a fairly new member of the DVIRC, although W.O.M.A.N., Inc. has worked with them closely in the past to provide the maximum possible assistance for clients of both agencies. This recent training was put in place to help BFWC staff navigate the DVIRC with ease and was a chance for most of the training participants to discover the site for the first time. About ten participants were present and all seemed very interested and engaged in what the DVIRC had to offer their clients and themselves, as service providers and advocates.

During the training, participants were taught the structure of the site, how to find resources for their clients, and ways in which to stay connected to other domestic violence agencies through online forums and a community calendar. Towards the end of the training, BFWC staff who participated in the training gave very positive feedback and expressed excitement at getting acquainted with the site’s many features. After such a successful training, we are confident that the wonderful staff at BFWC will be able to actively use the DVIRC and implement its use in their everyday routines!

If you would like to support future trainings, please consider making a donation today!



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