October Echando Pa’lante Gathering

ImageThe focus of our Echando Pa’lante (EPL)  October meeting was finding new ways to turn traumatic experiences into empowering ones, so we invited Dr. Maria Trivino Villar, an art therapist who is visiting from Spain. Using guided imagery, a technique used to support people interested in anything from healing their bodies to solving emotional problems and reducing stress, Dr. Trivino Villar led an activity where participants individually reflected about difficult experiences and what they have learned from them. Then, Dr. Trivino Villar encouraged participants to express their feelings and thoughts through an art activity. The goal was to reclaim difficult experiences and leave the meeting feeling empowered.
Art activities are always welcomed among EPL members, so we usually have one every couple of months using the A Window Between Worlds program facilitated by Paola Souto, our Latina Program Manager.
And even the kids in Children’s Group had fun with an art and crafts game! This evening was another example of how survivors can reclaim their lives, support each other, and leave feeling stronger and more connected to one another.

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