Fall 2013 Volunteer Graduation

happy vols

On Friday November 22, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and the Riley Center joined with friends, family, and community supporters to honor the completion of the Fall 2013 48-Hour Anti-Domestic Violence Training. We celebrated the graduation of seven new crisis line advocates. Please join me in welcoming Iris Charabi-Berggren, Rosa Brenes, Jennifer Yerty-Doorn, Sara Finlayson, Melissa Kauth, Shelley Samuels, and Christina Williams to our volunteer team!

We are so excited for this group of advocates to come and work on our crisis line. Throughout the training, they shared their unique ideas and perspective with the training group and exhibited such a genuine openness to learning. Now, they are ready to begin the next part of their volunteer journey.

Our new volunteers will complete their crisis line observation in December and January so if you are in the office, stop by and say hello! Thanks to everyone who came to the graduation to celebrate and thanks to everyone who helped make the training possible and a success. Thanks also to the volunteers who will help with observation and training in office in December and January.


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