Connecting with Sister Rize! Organize!

It was our honor to present to local community group, Sister Rize! Organize! Sister Rize! Organize is a group consisting of female single residency occupancy (SRO) tenants. They come together to offer support, organize and enter into dialogue.

In December, Sister Rize! invited W.O.M.A.N., Inc. to their community meeting. Staff members Maureen and Jill entered into a lively discussion with participants about healthy relationships, the dynamics of domestic violence and relationship red flags. Those present shared stories of survival and resilience. Participants took time to craft their own Healthy Relationship Checklists, outlining what they needed to enter into any sort of relationship, intimate or otherwise. Most checklists included requirements such as respect, independence, support and honesty. We look forward to continuing to develop this new collaboration with Sister Rize! Organize! in 2014.

~ Jill Zawisza, Executive Director

Healthy Relationships--CONDENSED (3)

What would your Healthy Relationship Checklist include?

Interested in having this or other workshops take place in your community group or business? Contact our outreach team at: to schedule.

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