Volunteer Appreciation Night Holiday Party

ImageIn the spirit of the holiday season this past December, the Events Committee at W.O.M.A.N., Inc. hosted a “Volunteer Appreciation Night Holiday Party” in celebration of the marvelous volunteers that make up such a big part of our community. Volunteers play a wide array of roles for the agency, including answering the crisis line as state-certified domestic violence peer counselors, leading educational sessions about domestic violence, tracking and following up with donations, and much more. As such, often times, volunteers unfortunately do not get to simply hang out with one another. This event allowed volunteers and staff to do just that—“hang out”!

Thanks to The Sports Basement-Bryant Location, volunteers and staff had an entire room reserved for them, along with complimentary snacks and wine.As if that wasn’t enough, guests were also treated to a 10% discount on any Sports Basement purchase. (10% of the sales were generously donated to W.O.M.A.N., Inc. as well) Throughout the night, we all chatted amongst ourselves in between bouts of snacks, wine, and “Get-to-Know-You” Bingo! For Bingo, we rotated between different sets of questions aimed at “getting to know” one another better. Some examples of questions were “Do you like math, Have you ever been skydiving/bungee-jumping, Have you read a book within a week, Met a celebrity, and etc.” Learning about one another in this way proved to be a great catalyst for further conversation and laughs.

As mentioned in previous blog entries, laughing and basically anything else we, as domestic violence service providers, can do to take care of ourselves is a crucial element of our work. Only by maintaining good self-care can we put forth our full energy into providing services to help survivors of domestic violence. Thank you again to our Events Committee and the Sports Basement for coordinating such a fun and important party!
To learn more about our volunteer program, please contact our Educational Development Program Manager, Maureen Egan, at maureen@womaninc.org.

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