Echando Pa’lante Celebrates the New Year

11.6.13 2

Last week, W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s survivor empowerment group Echando Pa’lante celebrated the beginning of 2014 with a dinner and party. Through a guided activity, Echando Pa’lante members shared their achievements of the year that just ended by reviewing art projects we did on January 2013. It was an emotional part of the evening as many of those dreams were realized – members got their immigration papers, reunited with their children who were living abroad, and were able to move to safer, nicer homes.

We also shared our projects and hopes for 2014, and drafted a list of the most relevant topics for our Echando Pa’lante gatherings to help us achieve those goals. Every month throughout the year, we invite presenters from different community agencies to offer trainings and workshops to Echando Pa’lante members. The topics are always based on members’ requests. This year we will focus on parenting, understanding the educational system in the U.S., helping teens to go to college, self-esteem and self-care, and developing strong work interview skills among other topics.

It was a very fun evening where Echando Pa’lante members got to connect with old and new friends, share resources and information, and relax in a safe environment. As we do every year, we also honored the new Echando Pa’lante members who graduated from the Latina Program in 2013 with a certificate of appreciation. Congratulations compañeras!

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