Purple is Going Green

GoGreen pic

Here at W.O.M.A.N., Inc., we are making tremendous progress in our efforts to do our part in respecting our environment.  We recognize that even the smallest of our actions counts, so we continuously challenge ourselves to find ways to conserve our resources and to minimize our impact on the planet.

We take this seriously.  Our core values that we have defined as a community include a statement of our intentions to consider the environmental impact of our operations and to reduce or eliminate this impact whenever possible.  We view our efforts as a work in progress – learning as we go, and making changes that make a difference.

Here are some of the ways we are helping:

•    We recycle and compost.  Thanks to the systems available in the building, these basic practices have become mainstreamed.

•    We pre-cycle.  We reduce waste whenever possible by avoiding disposable goods.  We use “real” plates, glasses and utensils.  No more single use/throw-away goods!

•    We drink tap water.  Taking advantage of the high quality of the water available in San Francisco, we no longer are contributing to the landfill overflow, the toxicity of plastic production or the waste of fossil fuels used in delivering bottled water.

•    We turn off lights.  As simple as this seems, it is one of the most straight-forward ways in which reduce energy consumption.

•    We are going paperless.  Breaking the paper habit has created a noticeable cultural shift at the agency.  The copier sits cold for much of the time, paper and pens have disappeared from the office supply order list, and sounds of scribbling during staff meetings have been replaced with the sounds of clicking keyboards on laptops.  Articles of interest, minutes of meetings, notes of brainstorms in process… all are now found electronically.  Filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past as we have moved client files on-line, thanks to new cloud-based, confidentiality-guarded technology.

Whether looking for a calendar of upcoming events or checking on a client appointment, the binders, folders and notes on boards that once housed this information and cluttered our space have moved to the world of on-line organization.  Even time sheets and pay checks are done virtually.  Google docs, TheraNest and Survey Monkey are fully incorporated into our agency lingo – and the benefits have been significant: less money spent, more space gained as well as increased efficiency and organization of materials.  And perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the huge reduction of our carbon footprint on the planet.

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