Domestic Violence Consortium of San Francisco Discussion Panel: Every Survivor, Every Zip Code


On January 30th, the Domestic Violence Consortium of San Francisco (DVCSF) had their 3rd (?) panel meeting in Visitation Valley as part of their campaign Every Survivor, Every Zip Code, in which they intend to reach out survivors in their own community. These meetings are open to the public and are meant to introduce the community to members of the DVCSF and discuss topics ranging from obtaining a restraining order to resources that exist for families in domestic violence crisis situations to avoiding prosecution for the abuser. Seven DVC members shared all of this information and more with agency representatives and Visitation Valley community members. Many of these members represented legal aid agencies, but there were also representatives from Cameron House and W.O.M.A.N., Inc who were able to speak to residential and non-residential services for survivors. It is the goal of the DVC to host these panel meetings in various neighborhoods in San Francisco, so there will be more to follow!


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