Strong Field Project Leadership Development Program Update

Strong Field Cohort 3 Workshop Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2013In February, the Strong Field Project Leadership Development Program’s (SFP LDP) second in-person gathering convened at the lovely Beach House in Half Moon Bay.  As always, it was exciting to reconnect with everyone in my cohort including our facilitators, and get spoiled.

 To kick off the session we had the pleasure of having Elizabeth Eastlund from Cohort II facilitate A Window Between Worlds’, “I CAN WE CAN” art workshop.  I CAN WE CAN is a collaborative art project that invites survivors, advocates, and community members to use their hand as a canvas and create art as a symbol of solidarity and commitment to doing what they can to help raise awareness and to end abuse.  Examples of the I CAN statements include some of the following: I CAN rise, I CAN laugh, I CAN bridge cultures, and I CAN recognize my privilege.  The theme of the project would set tone of the next day and a half.

For the past eight months the LDP has been focused on leading with self.  Everything from learning what our strengths are, to having the opportunity to work with a coach, to creating our individual development plan has been the focus.  By exploring ourselves first, we were able reflect on our purpose, with taking our personal values into consideration.  The convening in Half Moon Bay pivoted from I CAN to WE CAN: what can we do as a organization?  It was now time to think about our organization’s purpose by asking questions pertained to the Hedgehog Concept: what are you deeply passionate about, what drives your resource engine, and what can you be the best in the world at.  Understanding the intersection of the three questions can be used as a guide to help your organization be strategic about what you’re doing, where you’re going, how you’re managing, what the culture is like, and continue to be like, for example.  To add to our learnings on how our organizations can be more strategic we explored the topics of power and privilege, and how they can be recognized within our organizations.  It was a day and a half filled with in-depth information that really had our brains working overtime, or maybe that was just me. 🙂

 Lastly, we wrapped up our session with Michelle and Marissa explaining the organizational support opportunities coming along our way.  Each organization would be receiving eight hours of organizational coaching and a grant, both to support any ongoing goal, or new opportunities for staff.  We can also use the grant and the coaching to support us in bringing back our learnings to our organization.  The areas of opportunity seemed opened, as long as we had a set goal in mind.  Included in the organizational support opportunities, SFP will be facilitating an all day strengths-based retreat to four represented organizations in the LDP, all very exciting opportunities that will support W.O.M.A.N., Inc. moving forward!


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