Help repeal the Maximum Family Grant rule

Thousands of women this year may be facing a choice from the state of California that they should never have to. They will either have to disclose private information to the government or forego critical aid used to care for their children.

Take action today: tell California lawmakers to repeal the Maximum Family Grant rule. The California has one last chance this year to fix this terrible policy – and they need to hear from you.

The Maximum Family Grant rule (MFG) is part of CalWORKs, California’s welfare program to help families in poverty. But instead of helping, this rule hurts families. In an effort to reduce childbearing by poor women, the MFG rule denies financial support to babies born while their families are receiving grants. This punishes poor women for their reproductive decisions and pushes families further into poverty.


There are exemptions to the MFG rule, but only in the case of rape, incest or the failure of certain highly invasive contraceptives specified by the state.

No woman should have to tell her government caseworker that she was raped, or what method of contraception she is using. But the MFG rule forces women to choose between protecting their privacy and providing for their children. Take action: tell California state leaders to repeal the MFG rule.

Programs like CalWORKS were designed to help families in need. But decades of misinformation have promoted stereotypes about poor women and led to policies like MFG that punish rather than protect.

We know that not everyone in this country can earn at the same level, but Californians, among others, have long believed that it is not the government’s place to determine when and how a family grows. CalWORKs families have no more children than other Californians, and the state should not be trying to dictate their family size. The MFG rule drives families deeper into poverty and leads to worse outcomes for children.All families should have an opportunity to thrive. Take action today to repeal the Maximum Family Grant rule.

p.s. In addition to making the call, please take 20 seconds to send this tweet:

@ProTemSteinberg @toniatkins Invest in and budget for California families! Help us repeal the Maximum Family Grant rule this year! #BUDGET

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