The Healthy Babies Act of 2014 heads to the California Senate for a vote!

WPI team with bill author - AB Mark Stone

The Domestic Violence Team of the Women’s Policy Institute with their bill author, Assemblymember Mark Stone.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. staff member Mariya, is a Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) fellow for the 2013-2014 legislative year.  The Women’s Policy Institute is a yearlong program of intensive advocacy and leadership training retreats in Sacramento that teaches women activists and grassroots organizations how to successfully navigate the labyrinth of Sacramento. She is part of the Domestic Violence Team and they have been working with Assemblymember Mark Stone’s office to raise support for AB 1579 – Healthy Babies Act of 2014. This bill aims to change the state’s CalWORKs statute to allow pregnant women who otherwise do not have children to become eligible for CalWORKs basic needs grants earlier, at second semester. Currently, low-income pregnant women are eligible for CalWORKs assistance only in the last three months of their pregnancy.

I’m happy to report that AB 1579 – Healthy Babies Act of 2014 has passed out of the Assembly and is now moving onto the Senate! This means we are one step closer to ensuring that low-income, pregnant women will receive the cash-aid they need to receive essential prenatal care earlier on in their pregnancy! Thereby, ensuring that future generations of Californians receive healthier starts in their lives. Domestic Violence survivors will be able to receive life-saving cash-aid grants, removing their dependence on abusive partners, and allowing them to leave these relationships sooner.

Now, that our bill is in the Senate, we are asking all of our supporters to send support letters to the Senate Human Services Committee to demonstrate there is still a strong, continued, interest in supporting AB 1579 – Healthy Babies Act 2014.

The bill will be heard in committee as soon as this week and we need to have support letters sent into Human Services by this coming Wednesday, June 4th, 2014! 

The Domestic Violence Women’s Policy Institute team has created a template letter that you may use to create your organization’s support letter. If you would like more information and to have the template support letter sent to you, please e-mail

To learn more about the bill, please visit Learn about AB 1579: Healthy Baby Act of 2014 (WPI Domestic Violence Team)


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