C.U.E Tip: Hiking – Benefits Heart, Body, and Mind

Take a Hike! Hiking is a powerful tool to maintain a healthy mind, body, and heart. Hiking provides an effective cardio and strength work out, which helps blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Hiking helps reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer and has been proven to have a positive impact on preventing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

San Francisco provides a diverse array of hiking trails. Grab a Friend and try out these 3 San Francisco Hiking Trails:

Crissy Field Hike


Lands End: This trail is 3.4 miles with an average 1-3 hours walk. Lands end provides beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean.

Land End Hike

Crissy Fields: Trail is 1.3 miles, with an average 1-3 hours walk. This park provides excellent walking adventures, as well a great place to enjoy wild life.

California Coastal Trail

California Coastal Trail: Trail is 8.9 miles, half a days walk. This trail may be for more experienced hikers. It provides a beautiful view of the city. You hike along the Coastal Trail from the Cliff House at Lands End to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are a few helpful tips when hiking:

1. Go with a buddy – If you are hiking somewhere new bring a friend to help navigate and provide needed motivation.
2. Start slow – For beginners, try out a trail that is short. Then work your way up to the longer and more difficult ones.
3. Head for hills – Trails that have hills or inclines will intensify heart rate and burn more calories
4. Bring a Backpack – Back backs are needed to carry important items: water, food, maps, phones, etc.

For more hiking trails in San Francisco, please visit Every Trail.

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