Help Get W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Listed As Apart of SF’s Top 7 Favorite Charities!

Great news friends! W.O.M.A.N., Inc. has been listed again as apart of 7×7 Magazine’s Top 49 Favorite San Francisco Charities! We’ve been part of the Top 49 list for the past three years! It’s from the support of people like you that we have been able to be recognized alongside some of the most amazing charitable organizations in the city.

It’s now time for round two of the contest and we need your help! Getting us into the top 7 will grant us $2,000 from PG&E. This would help us provide our invaluable and life-saving services to survivors of domestic violence. Furthermore, winning 1st place would reward us $10,000 as well as recognition at an awesome event held at a hot spot location this winter! Please lend a hand to support us; vote and spread the word! Voting ends on Friday, November 7th!

Don’t forget you can vote as many times as you please!

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