Blue Shield Against Violence Commits $4.9 million to Support the Anti-DV Field!

The Blue Shield Foundation announced today that they are committing $4.9 million to support anti-DV agencies and projects in California!

“We are incredibly proud to end the year with continued support for organizations that make our state safer and healthier,” said Peter Long, PhD, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California Foundation. “From projects that coach boys to develop healthy relationship habits to new coverage solutions for the remaining uninsured, these grants are strategic investments in a future where everyone has access to affordable healthcare and can live free from domestic violence.”

Included in this round of funding is a project very near and dear to our heart–the Strong Field Project (SFP) Leadership Development Program (LDP) alumni received funding to launch the Movement & Mobilization Institute (MMI). The MMI is a domestic violence (DV) field-led project that will engage leaders from the DV and allied fields to explore the intersection of violence against women with other sectors and social justice movements and identify collaborative strategies to end DV. Our Executive Director, Jill Zawisza,took part in planning and crafting this proposal and will serve on the coordinating committee moving forward.

To see a full list of the impressive grantees, read the foundation’s press release here. 

Many thanks again to the Blue Shield of California Foundation, Blue Shield Against Violence, your support helps foster creative and collaborative strategies to end domestic violence.

BSCF 1_905


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