We Want YOUR Pet to be in Our 2016 Pet Calendar!

Not only was last year’s calendar overflowing with cuteness, it was also full of bravely shared stories of how pets have helped people survive hardships and heal from them. In line with the sentiment behind the Doggie Meet Up, the calendar seeks to not only highlight the correlation between domestic violence & pet abuse, but also that pets make wonderful, healing companions for domestic violence survivors. In addition to valuing the love and support pets provide survivors, want to celebrate the enormous positive impact that animals can have on all of our lives.

Want to know how YOUR pet can be featured? 2015 Pet Calendar
Submit a picture to us with a 25-50 word blurb about what your pet means to you and in addition to being featured on our Facebook page, it may be selected to be in our 2016 Pet Calendar! We will be accepting submissions through the Fall and we would absolutely love it if you’d share your animal companions with us. You will also have an opportunity to be photographed at the Bow Wow Bonanza & are welcome to submit your story before, during or after the event. In need of writing inspiration? Check out last year’s submissions here. Spaces are limited, send yours in today!

Please e-mail any submissions or questions to shaena@womaninc.org.

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