Another Big Success for Our Holiday Adopt a Family Program!

We understand that the holiday season can be somewhat of a stressful time especially if there’s some financial instability. That is why each year during the holiday season, our agency participates in its Adopt a Family program, where individuals and local businesses can make a donation, gifts or gift cards, for our participants and their families. We always encourage folks to donate gift cards so that participants can have the opportunity to pick something for themselves or their children but that does not mean that we do not welcome gifts!

Just like past years, this year was another success!! The Adopt a Family program received over $1,000 in the form of gift cards, and some amazing gifts as well that ranged from: droids, books, make-up, scarves, baby toys, etc. The Adopt a Family program always brings smiles to our participants who are struggling in so many different levels.  One participant said that she “is always thankful during the holiday season for this program because she is able to give her sons christmas gifts and that always brings a smile to her face.”

W.O.M.A.N. Inc.; would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made Adopt a Family possible. A very special thank you to Cole Hardware for their consistent support & for collecting Adopt a Family donations at their stores this year. Because of all your kind donations, you were able to give survivors of domestic violence and their families some added joy this holiday season.

We would like to encourage folks to make a donation next Adopt a Family, to continue to put a smile on a families’ face during the holiday season! Let us all spread the joy 🙂 Thank you.

~ Adilia Preciado, Echando Pa’lante Coordinator

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