Outreach Boos at Lowell High School’s Love Fest

On February 17th, the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Outreach team tabled at Lowell High School Wellness Center’s Love Fest.  Outreach Boos, Alicia Padillapaz and Shaena Spoor, were joined by folks from Hip Hop to Health , Planned Parenthood, LYRIC, JUMA, YAWAV, SFWAR, Huckleberry Youth Clinic and Hand to Hand Kajukenbo and Self Defense Center. Each organization brought their unique expertise to support and educate students on a variety of topics including reproductive health,  self defense and creating a culture of safety, consent and sex positivity.

Left: W.O.M.A.N, Inc. Table; Right: Jaymie Frazier, Outreach Boo & School Counselor, participating in our Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Activity

At the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. table, Alicia and Shaena engaged students with activities focused around healthy relationships. They provided two fill in the blank activities to choose from: Dating Bill  of Rights and #YouDeserve. When thinking about relationships, the primary focus is often on the “we/us” — it’s easy for folks to overlook individual wants and needs. While the “we” factor is important, seeing oneself as a whole, unique individual within the partnership is so crucial. The Dating Bill of Rights prompts participants to reflect on what their needs and “rights” are in a relationship. Students picked one thing they would include on their “Dating Bill of Rights” by completing the statement “I have the right to_________.”

“I have the right to have control over my body.

The second activity, #YouDeserve is an awareness campaign in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Alicia and Shaena asked students who opted for this activity to complete the sentence, “you deserve _______,” with messages they have for peers and loved ones about what they deserve in their relationships. Both activities brought forward heartwarming results. The Outreach Team was met with nearly 150 sentiments students had for themselves and friends/family/peers about healthy relationships. A wide variety of voices offered messages about body positivity, consent, nonviolence, equality and mutual love, support and respect.

“You deserve to be happy, healthy & safe.

Many thanks to Lowell High School for having us!


Alicia Padillapaz , Educational Development Coordinator.

Alicia started out as a volunteer with W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in 2012 and has been working with survivors and their families ever since. She facilitates the Hybrid Domestic Violence Advocate Training and coordinates WINC outreach efforts. Alicia also works closely with the EPL program to help coordinate WINC outreach efforts directed towards Spanish speaking populations.

Shaena Spoor,  Program Assistant.

Shaena started out as a W.O.M.A.N, Inc. support line volunteer in 2014 and began working as Program Assistant in 2015. She oversees WINC’s social media platforms, assists with development and helps manage the DVIRC Program. Shaena is also a WINC Outreach Boo. 

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