Community Education Series: Healthy Relationships Workshop

CES Workshops.pngCreating and maintaining healthy relationships is critical to our quality of life.

While all of us may value the people we have connections with, many of us do not take the time to consider what building and maintaining healthy relationships means to us. This topic is important because it helps us to 1) explore what is healthy and what is not, 2) identify clear, meaningful ideas of what our personal needs are in a partnership and 3) understand that we are deserving of relationships in which those needs are met.

When we connect this conversation to supporting domestic violence survivors, talking about healthy relationships can be an empowering thing. It is important for survivors to not only be able to identify abuse, but also to have an idea of what a healthy relationship might consist of  — establishing what they DO want instead of just focusing on what they don’t. It is not enough to advocate for a relationship without violence and leave it at that. Identifying our emotional needs, exploring healthy dating practices and knowing that we are deserving of relationships that are mutually loving and fulfilling strengthens our current relationships and lays the foundation for relationships we build in the future.

Please be apart of this discussion by joining us for a free workshop apart of our Community Education Series! This session will focus on what a healthy relationship looks like and how we can support one another in our relationships. Participants learn to recognize and define qualities of a healthy relationship, what it means to have boundaries, and develop a personal definition of trust.

When: Wednesday, June 14 | 6:15PM
Where: SF Public Library, Ortega (3223 Ortega Street)

Questions? Please call Alicia at (415)969-6802

Learn more about our Education & Outreach program as well as other ways to get involved at our website:

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