Fall 2018 Domestic Violence Training

Applications for our Fall 2018 Domestic Violence Training will be accepted until Monday, August 20th! Read more below for details.

Application Process: 

Please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WIvolunteer_application to complete a volunteer application. Be sure to select “volunteer” under question 8 in order to be prompted to the appropriate application. The application provides us with important information about your readiness for anti-violence training and how we can best support you through this learning process. Please fill it out thoughtfully and completely. After you have completed the application, please email our Education Development Coordinator, Alicia, at alicia@womaninc.org to confirm we have received your application and for it to be reviewed.

Deadline to apply is Monday, August 20th

volunter flyer aug 2018

Applicants will be invited to participate in an interview pending thoroughness of application, availability for all training days, and availability for volunteering. Please note that interviews are only provided during our recruitment cycles and held during our regular business hours. Interviews do not guarantee a spot in training.

What is does hybrid domestic violence training entail?

Our Domestic Violence Hybrid training is focused around preparing individuals to provide direct service support to survivors of domestic violence through the use of peer counseling, resources and referrals. Our training combines the use of online modules, online meetings, and intentional in- person activities. Together, these will be used as learning tools and community building strategies. This approach to training will speak to the tenants of different adult learning styles. Participants must have access to a computer, internet access, feel comfortable with online learning modules and take a flexible approach to learning! We also ask that participants come with the strength of vulnerability during our online meetings and in person sessions. For those without ongoing computer/internet access, we can do our best to make accommodations. If this applies to you, please contact Alicia at alicia@womaninc.org

Online Modules open Friday, September 14th

In-person & video chat training beings Friday, September 28th (Web based trainings will take place on Monday & Wednesday evenings; In-person sessions will take place on Fridays during the day)

Volunteer opportunities and commitments:
Upon successful completion of training, all trainees will begin volunteering on our support line. We ask all volunteers to commit to at least four hours of service every week for one year. Volunteers are considered for Advanced Survivor Support positions after working for 3 months and demonstrating reliability and a strong understanding of domestic violence, peer counseling skills and our services. These opportunities are offered in addition to the ongoing support line shift.

Training Fee: $100 – $300.  This sliding scale fee assists W.O.M.A.N., Inc. in costs associated with the training and assists in building our training scholarship fund. Training fees must be submitted before enrolling to our online course. If this is cost prohibitive, please let us know. Payment plans are sometimes available and require prior approval from the Educational Development Coordinator before the 1st payment is received.

Learn more about our volunteer program at www.womaninc.org/volunteer. If you have any additional questions about training, please contact Alicia at alicia@womaninc.org.


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