CA Laws Regarding Survivors Facing Eviction

A message from Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP):

As FVAP explained during a recent CPEDV (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) regional call, under California law, a landlord is not allowed to end someone’s tenancy because of an act of domestic violence against a tenant or household member by a non-tenant or non-household member. Further, to stop an eviction based on domestic violence, the tenant must prove they or their household member is a survivor.  Now, in addition to a recent law enforcement report or protective order, a survivor may prove they are a survivor with a verification letter from a qualified third party. Healthcare professionals, sexual assault and domestic violence counselors, and human trafficking caseworkers are qualified third parties.  

For more information or to access FVAP’s template letter that qualified third parties can use to verify their patients or clients are survivors, you can contact them directly at or by phone at (510)858-7358.

To learn more about Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP) visit them at their website


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