2019 W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Annual Report

Welcome to our 2019 Annual Report.

We are so excited to share our work with you.

Through community education, engaging natural helpers and situating survivors as the experts of their own experiences, we dually work to prevent domestic violence, and respond to the emerging needs of those most impacted by it. Last year, nearly 7,000 survivors and members of their supportive networks accessed our direct services designed to empower communities to create lives free of violence.  Our public profile was elevated this year, and we were invited to participate in new and exciting outreach opportunities that you can learn about in the executive summary below. In addition, 2019’s Healthy Relationships group was a success, providing participants with the tools necessary to build fulfilling relationships after violence. We are proud to share our accomplishments with you, and invite you to learn more in our report!

While our work is sustained by government and foundation funding, we invite you to join our community as a monthly donor. The amount can be as little or as much as you can manage, and is invaluable as we offer survivor-centered, adaptive services to thousands of participants each year. So please join us as we heal together by supporting our work with a donation this #givingtuesday (& beyond). 

With gratitude and optimism, 

Jill Zawisza, Executive Director

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