Peer Counseling: how do I sign up?

Interested in setting up Peer Counseling at W.O.M.A.N., Inc.? Please refer to the information below to learn more, and for instructions on how to proceed.

WHO can sign up for Peer Counseling at W.O.M.A.N., Inc?

  • Survivors of domestic violence looking to process the complex emotions connected to the situation
  • Survivors who reside in San Francisco (please call our support line for a localized referral if outside of SF)
  • Survivors ready to commit to making appointments with a counselor, & keeping set appointments

WHAT is Peer Counseling?

  • Short-term, crisis counseling and client advocacy 
  • Typically, peer counseling is focused on the present and immediate future; survivors who are trying to work through what’s happening with them and their relationship, what their next steps might be, and to help with the range of emotions connected to the abuse survivors experience in their relationship
  • Provided by trained DV counselors
  • Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis
  • We provide 5 sessions of peer counseling, free of charge

HOW to make an appointment…

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