WOMAN Inc’s statement: SFPD breaches trust with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Feb. 14, 4:45 p.m. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has come forward with allegations that the San Francisco Police Department used a woman’s DNA previously obtained from a rape kit to arrest her for a property crime. 

We thank District Attorney Boudin for dropping these felony property charges and support any efforts to ensure the practice of misusing survivor DNA does not continue in San Francisco, California or any other city or state. If ‘luxury’ items hold more value than survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, we have to reconsider our value system as a city. 

The history of law enforcement sets the stage for this type of maneuvering, protecting profit and wealth over survivor rights, safety, and trust. 

Survivors of DV and sexual assault are incarcerated an alarming rates in the United States; the ACLU found that 79% of women in federal and state prisons reported physical abuse and over 60% reported past sexual abuse. The connections between victim blaming, sexism, racism and the proliferation of the prison industrial complex cannot be ignored. 

Value-Based Community Commitments and Asks: 

We refuse to sit quietly as law enforcement finds ways for survivor trust to be manipulated and turned against them: we continue to mindfully affiliate and divest from police response to domestic violence or sexual assault.

We speak to the power-over dynamic as the SFPD enacts its own abusive relationship with the community we exist to center and serve: we continue to center survivor communities who experience marginalization, identifying acts of injustice and responding to the emerging needs of survivors.

We push back as participation in the criminal legal system becomes a survivor to prison pipeline: we uphold racial justice as a key tenet of our work, understanding survivors of color, especially Black women, are at a higher risk of incarceration, even when they themselves enact police intervention. 

We ask our local partners to divest from criminal legal interventions, understanding that law enforcement as a system does not protect and serve communities experiencing marginalization; let us focus more on reinvesting in community healing.

Situations like this WILL continue, especially when WE continue to believe that accountability is an arrest warrant and justice is found in a cage: we work with natural helpers and emerging leaders, amplifying our message and goal of collective liberation. 

Learn and unlearn with us as we consider meaningful, survivor-informed and survivor-centered approaches to transform the impact of violence and heal together

Toward Collective Liberation, 

Team WOMAN Inc., 2/16/22

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