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W.O.M.A.N., Inc. supports those impacted by violence using an innovative approach to services and programs that build stronger, safer communities.


W.O.M.A.N., Inc. (WI), a community-based, multi-service agency, was founded in 1978 by Deborah Clifford, James Foley, and Linda Pershing Foley as a two bedroom shelter for survivors of domestic violence. The organization quickly realized that additional options were needed by survivors who, for many reasons, did not want to enter shelters. In 1979, the Crisis-Line was created, and immediately began receiving approximately 25-30 calls per month we now receive over 18,000 a year! Soon after the Crisis-Line was instituted, the agency also began providing individual counseling and support groups.

In 1984, WI developed the first program in the country to address woman-to-woman abuse issues.

In the same year, from the partnership of WI and Tanya Neiman of the Volunteer Legal Services Program of the San Francisco Bar Association, a restraining order clinic was established. WI became a founding member of what is now the Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic, which to this day provides women with the option of obtaining a temporary restraining order.

In 1991, WI joined forces with the Asian Women’s Shelter and San Francisco Women Against Rape to create the Sister to Sister Program that provided a joint pool of multi-lingual support advocates to callers. WI continues to access many language advocates by participating in the Asian Women’s Shelter’s Citywide Multi-lingual Access Model Program.

W.O.M.A.N., Inc ., though no longer a shelter, continues to provide services for all survivors of domestic violence, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic backgrounds, immigration statuses, gender, and people with different abilities in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area. In recognizing that domestic violence is connected to other forms of oppression, W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s mission is to confront all violence against women, including the following forms of personal and institutional violence; domestic violence, sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ageism, and able-bodyism.

To learn more about how you can help make a difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence in your community visit www.womaninc.org.

If you are looking for support please click here or call us on our 24/7 Support Line at (415)864-4722.

Nosotros ofrecemos servicios en Español!


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