W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Annual Report, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read our annual report. We are incredibly grateful for folks like you who continue to follow W.O.M.A.N.,Inc.’s work. In 2022, the theme of Liberated Relationships guided our work. Adrienne Maree Brown says, “liberated relationships are one of the ways we actually create abundant justice - the understanding that … Continue reading W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Annual Report, 2022

Participant Survey Report: Re-emerging & Healing Together

After all the shifts and changes over the past couple of years, we are re-emerging and healing together. To help ensure we are shifting along with participants' needs, we turned to them for input on what’s working, what we could do better, and what our collective/shared future holds. Today, we present the findings of this … Continue reading Participant Survey Report: Re-emerging & Healing Together

Reproductive Rights=Survivor Rights

Derechos reproductivos=Derechos de sobrevivientes The likely overturning of Roe v Wade will be detrimental to survivors of domestic violence. La probable anulación de Roe v Wade será perjudicial para sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica.  coerción reproductiva es común en relaciones abusivas Reproductive coercion is a type of abuse which undermines a survivor's right to manage their own … Continue reading Reproductive Rights=Survivor Rights

Tech2Empower USA

New support line chat feature in the works! WOMAN, Inc. was chosen to participate in Tech2Empower where we collaborated with three knowledgeable advisors from Microsoft and Doordash to help us with building and implementing a chatline on our website. Learn more on our blog:

Healing Together//Moving from Crisis to Healing 

In 2019, WOMAN Inc launched its first healthy relationships group. In the midst of its second cycle, the COVID pandemic hit and our focus shifted to containing the crisis it brought with it. As such, WOMAN Inc transitioned away from healthy relationship  groups and bolstered our crisis focused support groups, which were sorely needed at … Continue reading Healing Together//Moving from Crisis to Healing 

Shifting to a Co-Director Leadership Model!

After a fiscal crisis just over a decade ago, our team got to work, thoughtfully reimagining an organizational structure that honors the collective wisdom of all stakeholders and fosters long-term sustainability. As a first step to diffuse power from traditional executive leadership roles, we spent years co-developing and finalizing our Cultural Praxis which was finally completed in 2014. Four years later, we engaged in a six-month process of brainstorming and consensus-building -- fleshing out our organizational DNA in our 2018 Theory of Change. This document, our North Star, outlined our mission, vision and strategies designed to ensure our work was grounded in justice, shared power and supportive of emerging leadership at all levels. As a continued embodiment of these visions and values, we are pleased to share an exciting shift in our current leadership structure. Effective July 1, 2021, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. will be transitioning into a Co-Director Leadership model. Mary Martinez, our former Associate Director, will be joining Jill Zawisza, former Executive Director, as Co-Directors. 

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture and Navigating with Integrity: Mind Mapping Crisis Response in Nonprofit Leadership

During this time of crisis many nonprofits are juggling a vast array of priorities. These competing focuses might include protecting staff from unnecessary risk, keeping with funding requirements and perhaps the most salient of these priorities--adapting to the shifts in participant need.  As DV organizations specifically, we are expected to react to crises on a … Continue reading Dismantling White Supremacy Culture and Navigating with Integrity: Mind Mapping Crisis Response in Nonprofit Leadership