Thanks for Supporting Us in the 2015 Purple Purse Challenge!


We were honored to be one of ~160 organizations selected to be apart of Allstate’s 2015 Purple Purse challenge! The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge aims to speak out against financial abuse and to promote economic empowerment. In honor of domestic violence awareness month, the Allstate foundation hosts this fundraising challenge annually to help increase visibility, awareness and funds for agencies who work directly with domestic violence survivors. With the help of our fabulous fundraisers and community supporters like yourself, we were able to raise more than $5,700! In addition to that, your support helped us achieve our fundraising goals during the weekly bonus challenges which will be bringing W.O.M.A.N., Inc $2,750 from the Allstate Foundation. Many thanks to all those who fund raised for us, who donated and those who helped to spread the word. These funds will help us sustain our programs so that we can better support all those impacted by domestic violence. You have made this fundraising effort a great success, and our organization could not thrive as it does without you!

Learn more about the Purple Purse Challenge here

Missed out on the challenge, but are still interested in donating? You can make an online contribution here

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