Important Community Update: Building Info & Drop In Support Hours

Update 1/28/2016:
Hello community members! Due to construction, the front building entrance will not be accessible during the week of February 1st. While we are still having drop-in support Wednesday & Friday 2:00 – 3:30, those trying to reach our office will have to enter at the rear of the building off of Julian Ave. Please keep an eye open for signs to help guide you to our office. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause anyone & will keep you updated.
Hello Community!
The Fog building at 333 Valencia st., where W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s office is located, is currently under construction and will continue to be through the Fall and Winter 2016.  We wanted you to know that our operations will still continue and will be slightly adjusted due to the times when the noise level is high.
Beginning the week of October 5, our new temporary drop-in support hours will be as follows:
Wednesdays: 2p-3:30p (therapy consults and drop-in support in English/Spanish)
Fridays: 2p-3:30p (drop-in support in English/Spanish)  
​Know that the front of the building looks as though it is completely boarded up but the building is still accessible via a new entry way to the right of our old front door.  Unfortunately, though, the elevator is unreliable as it’s not always working but we will try to be as accommodating as much as we can.​
​We apologize for any inconvenience!
Thank you for understanding!​
Hola miembros de la comunidad!
Debido a la construcción, la entrada principal del edificio no será accesible durante la semana del 1ero de febrero.
W.O.M.A.N., Inc. continúa ofreciendo apoyo en persona los miércoles y viernes de 2:00 a 3:30pm. Las personas que deseen acercarse a nuestra oficina tendrán que entrar al edificio por la parte de atrás, por la calle Julian Ave. y pasar por el estacionamiento.
Por favor siga los carteles para llegar a nuestra oficina en el 4to piso.
Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente que esto pueda causar. Los mantendremos informados acerca de otros cambios!

Hola Comunidad!!

El edificio Fog en la 333 Valencia, adonde queda la oficina de W.O.M.A.N., Inc., esta en construcción y seguirá hasta Otoño e Invierno del 2016. Queríamos darles a saber que todavía estamos aquí pero teníamos que hacer algunos cambios a las horas de operación por el ruido de la construcción.

Empezando la semana de Octubre 5, nuestras nuevas, temporal, horas de consulta son las siguientes:

Miércoles: 2pm- 3:30pm (consultas de terapia y consultas sin cita en Ingles y Español)

Viernes: 2pm- 3:30pm (consultas sin cita en Ingles y Español)

De a saber que la entrada del edificio se ve como si esta cerrado pero todavía hay acceso al edificio por una nueva entrada que esta a la derecha de la entrada vieja. Desafortunadamente, nuestro elevador no esta disponible pero haremos todo lo posible para acomodar a todos.

Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente!

Gracias por entender!

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. is excited to announce some new funders and projects!

Hybrid Domestic Violence Training

Thank you to The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation and Sidney Stern Memorial Trust who recently made a contribution to support our hybrid training project!


Fall 2015 W.O.M.A.N., Inc. Domestic Violence Training Graduation

Thanks to their generous support, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. training participants will benefit from online learning modules designed to meet the diverse needs of adult learning. This offline training will enrich our time together, and allow for learning activities, group conversation and building relationships within our training groups. Scheduled to launch in late-Spring, 2016, our hybrid training will speak to better use of capacity and offer ease when collaborating with our community partners.

The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation

Thank you to The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Foundation for supporting our domestic violence services. A first time funder of our work, The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Foundation are supporting us as we support survivors of domestic violence, their family and their freinds. Funds will be allocated to our support line, drop in services and our Latina Program. photo (11)Thank you, Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation for bolstering our services with your grant!

Echando Pa’Lante
Our Echando Pa’Lante program received a boost in funding, enabling us to train five of our past program participants to become domestic violence advocates. Echando Pa’Lante (Moving Forward) members are Latina immigrants who have survived domestic violence. These leaders will be trained to provide outreach, provide counseling, and facilitate support groups. This work was made possible in part by Blue Shield Against Violence Foundation.


Honoring Black History Month: Octavia E. Butler

“I was attracted to science fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining.”Octavia-E-Butler-011

The late Octavia E. Butler was one of the first African American women to be recognized in the traditionally male-dominated area of fantasy / science fiction literature. Her novel “Kindred” is a beautifully written, evocative novel about a contemporary Black woman who inexplicably finds herself transported to the Antebellum south. Her Wildseed series incorporates history and questions gender roles. She was acknowledged with a MacArthur award, and died prematurely, a great loss. Even if you think you don’t like fantasy/ sci fi, treat yourself to Kindred.

– Shelley, MFT Intern

Donor Highlight: Kayla Crooks & Blizzard Entertainment, SF Office

1)What is your name? Kayla Croobb1b42ba-b917-44e3-97dc-18fc2d8e8b38ks

2)How did you first learn about W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
I discovered W.O.M.A.N. Inc. after an incident with my now ex this past summer.

3)Please tell us about your fundraising efforts for W.O.M.A.N., Inc.
During the holidays I decided the office should give back and I felt W.O.M.A.N. Inc. would be a great cause to give to. I then set up a wrapping station with one of my co-workers that had been in an abusive relationship a long time ago and we told everyone that we would wrap anyone’s presents for them just donate what you can. So people dropped in everything from quarters to twenties and at the end of the season we raised $119!

4)What inspired you to support W.O.M.A.N., Inc’s anti-violence efforts?
(Trigger Warning: Depiction of physical abuse) 
I was in an abusive relationship in High School and thought that it would never happen again and just last year it did. Everything was amazing for the first couple months and then he relapsed into his heroin addiction. From there it was back and forth with me trying to help and back sliding and a lot of other ridiculous events until the day he was high and drunk then threw me into the door after I tried to tell him he couldn’t smoke in the apartment. From there I saw a flash of white then scrambled to get me and my dog into a locked room. He forced his way in with a kitchen knife, my best kitchen knife unfortunately, threw my 80 lb. dog like a rag doll when he tried to protect me then threatened to kill himself in front of me. Luckily, someone had called the cops and they came in before the situation got worse. I told myself I would never let anyone lay a hand on me in a relationship ever again a long time ago and once this happened I completely cut ties, changed my locks, and put a protective order in place.

Everyone in my mostly male office sees me as an incredibly strong female, physically and mentally, because of this I wanted to raise awareness about domestic abuse. I wanted all cdcd7498-5f95-4a5c-98de-d48d5017bf5fthe men and women to know that this  can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter how strong or smart you are. There is always a possibility you could get pulled into an abusive relationship, it isn’t always like the cheesy Lifetime movies that make you yell at the TV ‘How can she still be with that guy?! She’s so stupid!’ So here I am, still recovering, in more debt than I’ve ever been in my life, still pretty depressed, and trying to get back to normalcy about four months after the incident. He texted me last Friday after a long period of silence, his usual ‘I love you more than anything bit’ and you know what I did? I deleted it all from my phone and actually went out with friends for the first time in a while and didn’t think about him.


5)What is the impact you hope for your support to have on the community?
I hope that I can be an advocate for change and help people understand that domestic violence is never OK and it is NEVER the victim’s fault. I even had to correct some of the things my parents and close friends were saying because I knew their intention was positive but I needed them and others to understand saying things like ‘Why did she stay with him’ and ‘How did she let him steal over $20k without her suspecting anything?’ doesn’t help anyone. We need to educate people to understand that when someone is a survivor of a domestic violence situation it is never that person’s choice to be abused, whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or all of the above. We need to ask them to share their experiences when they are ready, and offer comfort and compassion, not blame.

6) Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
I love making things! Whether it’s woodworking or conference room murals, I absolutely love working with my hands… I also have an MBA!


Another Big Success for Our Holiday Adopt a Family Program!

AAP Thank You

We understand that the holiday season can be somewhat of a stressful time especially if there’s some financial instability. That is why each year during the holiday season, our agency participates in its Adopt a Family program, where individuals and local businesses can make a donation, gifts or gift cards, for our participants and their families. We always encourage folks to donate gift cards so that participants can have the opportunity to pick something for themselves or their children but that does not mean that we do not welcome gifts!

Just like past years, this year was another success!! The Adopt a Family program received over $1,000 in the form of gift cards, and some amazing gifts as well that ranged from: droids, books, make-up, scarves, baby toys, etc. The Adopt a Family program always brings smiles to our participants who are struggling in so many different levels.  One participant said that she “is always thankful during the holiday season for this program because she is able to give her sons christmas gifts and that always brings a smile to her face.”

W.O.M.A.N. Inc.; would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made Adopt a Family possible. A very special thank you to Cole Hardware for their consistent support & for collecting Adopt a Family donations at their stores this year. Because of all your kind donations, you were able to give survivors of domestic violence and their families some added joy this holiday season.

We would like to encourage folks to make a donation next Adopt a Family, to continue to put a smile on a families’ face during the holiday season! Let us all spread the joy :) Thank you.

~ Adilia Preciado, Echando Pa’lante Coordinator

Donor Spotlight: Cheyenne Fong & REPLENISHSF

1. What is your name?4784f64e-de8e-466d-a54a-2d2db87f0a10
My name is Cheyenne Fong!
2. How did you first learn about W.O.M.A.N., Inc?
I learned about W.O.M.A.N., Inc through a google search! I was looking for a full list of domestic violence shelters in San Francisco, and this came up. I have briefly heard of this organization while volunteering at SFWAR, as well.
3. Please tell us about your fundraising efforts for W.O.M.A.N., Inc.
@REPLENISHSF is just me, single handedly utilizing social media to gain traction on this highly stigmatized and under-educated issue. I am literally REPLENISHING domestic violence(DV) shelters with much needed toiletries since they seem to be so hard to come by. I encourage people to bring in anything they would deem a necessity – shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper. Anything that could easily be taken for granted.
7a0745bc-8aca-47c6-85e1-7ccb2fb83d63Whatever cash is given to me is taken STRAIGHT to target to buy the rest of the needed supplies, then donate ginormous trunk-fulls to shelters in person. Any kind of monetary or toiletry donation is used DIRECTLY to replenish DV shelters across the sf bay area. I have already completed my goal of replenishing every DV shelter in the Bay Area. After I complete that, I will “do my rounds” and replenish all the shelters AGAIN, then move onto the upper Northern California area.
I have been tabling nonstop at 924 GILMAN, a punk venue I have been frequenting for almost a decade now. I hop on big shows, post all over the event pages, stand up on stage to make (nerve racking) announcements – all in the name of raising awareness. I always had little kid dreams of being on that stage, and I’m so glad I could finally do so and help out an entire community!aa308283-730e-4abf-beab-88b1e1f52e90
I have also decided to drop off a donation bin at my favorite salon, BOMBSHELL BAY AREA in Millbrae, and their clients have been nothing but absolutely generous with toiletry, and even makeup donations!
4. What inspired you to support W.O.M.A.N., Inc.’s anti-violence efforts?
The major problem is that San Francisco DOES NOT fund the local domestic violence shelters and makes them jump through fiery hoops to get any sort of meager funding. Thus rendering a lot of the shelters running on empty and the employees have to sacrifice just so their residents can have supplies. Back in August after my first drive, I proudly presented my very first trunk-full of donations ($400+ worth) to a San Francisco domestic violence shelter and the rep was beyond overwhelmed by how much toiletries I had to give. The shelter was void of all toiletries for several months. I was floored, and also irate at how neglected and grossly underfunded the shelter was.
It baffles me to no end how there’s so much money being exchanged in SF but none of it is funneling down to people who need it the most. That was seriously more than enough to get me to keep this drive ongoing. I guess you could say I found some sort of inspiration in me “seeing red” over the whole situation. I told myself I could either stay mad, or take that energy and actually do something with it – thus REPLENISHSF was born!

5) What is the impact you hope for your support to have on the community?
I ultimately just want this to be a catalyst to getting better and EASIER funding for DV shelters. I also use this platform to tell people that it’s okay to talk about Domestic Violence, and to soften the stigma around DV survivors and their abusers. I’m a survivor too- I’m in a really good place in my life where I have the means and ability to execute this project. Ultimately I just want to encourage anybody who is in this situation to come out of the darkness and reach for help, because we’re all on the same team. 90250bc1-40ec-4efb-998b-f29578c90d7d
6) Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
Surfing is my mental and physical therapy! I’m super into cooking – current obsessions are making my own broth and churning fresh ice cream!


Volunteer Highlight: Christina Bulman

1) When did you first get involved with W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
I first got involved with W. O.M.A.N. Inc. in February 2014 through the DV training program.159633b6-265f-4dd1-aa98-b56d954fa980

2) What inspired you to do anti-violence work?

I had friends that worked with W.O.M.A.N. Inc. who told me about the great work that they do to help survivors of domestic violence.  The more that I learned, the more I wanted to get involved.

3) What kind of opportunities have you
been involved with here?

I have been volunteering for shifts on the 24 hour crisis line, and I have recently started to help facilitate support groups.  Some of the calls can be tough, as many callers are at a difficult point in their lives, but it is also incredibly rewarding to hear survivors’ strength and hope for the future.

4) How has your involvement impacted your life?
Before volunteering with W.O.M.A.N. Inc. I did not know much about domestic violence.  Through W.O.M.A.N. Inc. I have learned more about the intricacies of domestic violence, and how wider social injustices such as sexism and racism allow violence to persist in communities.  I hope that my involvement with W.O.M.A.N. Inc. has made me a more socially conscious and compassionate person.  It has also been empowering to be part of an organization that supports so many people in the community.  Sometimes domestic violence and other social injustices can seem like overwhelming, unsolvable problems, but knowing that there are people like the W.O.M.A.N. Inc staff and volunteers working to support survivors and create change gives me a lot of hope.

5) What pieces of wisdom would you share with new volunteers or community members who are interested in supporting W.O.M.A.N., Inc.?
My experience with W.O.M.A.N. Inc. has been wonderful so far, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in supporting W.O.M.A.N. Inc to get involved in any way that they can. I think one major piece of wisdom that I’ve gained through my experience is the realization that even though I will always have room for improvement in my interactions with clients, just doing my best to provide support and be present with clients can go a long way.